Pregnancy Myotherapy

Find Out How Myotherapy Can Help You During Your Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Have Myotherapy During Pregnancy?

Women experience a range of symptoms during pregnancy, from general muscle aches and pains, difficulty sleeping, headaches and morning sickness. Massage and other forms of manual therapy by a qualified myotherapist are safe for both mother and growing baby and can help relieve these symptoms.

By reducing the symptoms associated with pregnancy, myotherapy can relieve stress and provide a more enjoyable pregnancy journey. An experienced pregnancy myotherapist will know the correct and safe positions for treatment during each trimester.

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief

Morning Sickness

Many women experience nausea and vomiting during the first (and second) trimester of pregnancy. This is directly linked to hormones as well as stress. Manual therapy sessions can ease the symptoms of morning sickness and reduce the frequency of nausea.

Muscle pain

Headaches, general aches, back pain and swelling are extremely common during pregnancy. Specialised pregnancy massage by a qualified myotherapist can minimise discomfort and help manage pain safely.

Post Natal

Myotherapy is helpful to relieve pain and discomfort from labour, breast feeding, nursing and carrying a newborn. Manual soft tissue release as well a home program can be extremely beneficial for the physical and emotional health of a new mother.