Meet Karen Fortunato

A caring approach to nurture your body and reclaim your health.

Karen Fortunato has a holistic approach to her treatments and is a strong believer in preventative care. Her manner is warm and welcoming but she has firm views when it comes to ensuring long term outcomes and pain relief for her clients. She specialises in pregnancy, acute and chronic pain, TMJ jaw issues and postural alignment.

Karen worked as a remedial massage therapist for many years before becoming a qualified myotherapist. In 2015 she graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (myotherapy) and is an active member of the Myotherapy Association of Australia.

Karen also loves salsa dancing and singing. If you hear her hum during your consult, feel free to tell her to be quiet. She has yet to dance during a treatment but there’s a first time for everything…

“I have been working in the industry for many years and I am very selective with the therapist I choose to treat me. Karen is the most skilled therapist who has ever treated me. She uses different techniques and has addressed my issues precisely. I highly recommend her.”
JP Pitta

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